I have a few spare minutes before I depart for work. I might as well elaborate on the topic of journal writing; much like story writing, it is something I have only recently had success with; though unlike story writing, it is something I had been trying to do for the longest time. Over the years I have made probably upwards of 10 attempts to run an online journal, and have failed spectacularly every single time.

The first few attempts I made at keeping a journal were initially successful. I would provide a new entry every few days; this would last for a couple of months and then I would stop doing it. It was too much work. A journal should not feel like work. I did not realize this at the time. My successive attempts at writing a journal failed much more quickly. It just seemed like such a hassle.

I had completely given up on the idea of keeping a journal when I stumbled upon the Gamefaqs Creative Writing forum. They had a topic about how to avoid writer’s block; being an aspiring writer I, of course, found this intriguing. The topic suggested that frequent writing practice helps to prevent writer’s block. The advice offered by the topic creator was rather simple; in fact, I can’t boil it down to two steps.

Step one: Set a timer for twenty minutes.

Step two: Type every thought that crosses your mind; even if it makes no sense.

Seems simple right? Well at first I struggled with the concept of putting every thought I had to print. It seemed awkward, but I fought through my inhibition nonetheless. Within a few days my thought process became more coherent and I noticed a sharp upswing in the quality of what I was writing.

Originally I was following these steps not with the intent of writing a journal, but of simply getting in twenty minutes of writing practice everyday, but the process works a little different for everybody. I usually make my entry immediately after getting out of bed. This, I believe, swings my output in a more journalistic direction.

I have successfully run a private journal for over a month and half now. I make entries daily. I suggest trying the method I have described in this post if you are interested in running a journal of your own.