I, for the better part of the last week, have been unable to progress further in drafting a story I have been working on for the past two months. At this point I would normally just put the project on the shelf and try to work on another of the numerous projects I have piled up, but I do not want to shelve this project just yet. I am further along the creative pathway with this story than any of my others; I feel I have learned a great deal from the time I have spent working on it and think I would be doing myself a disservice if I shelved it too quickly. I need to change something, so I have decided to shake up my morning routines.

     The problem is that my routines have become stale; this is stifling my creativity. The past few months I would take 20 minutes each day to write a journal entry; following this I would, for one hour, copy by hand rules presented in a grammar manual. Seeing rapid improvement in my work I did this faithfully every day until the returns began to diminish; I then cut back to copying the grammar manual every other day. Following this alteration to the routine I felt reinvigorated. I continued with the new routine until this latest struggle forced me to reconsider the value of it.

      Today I started a new routine. As before I spend the first twenty minutes of my day working on a journal entry; the consistent writing practice is invaluable to a novice such as myself. Afterward I spend an hour reading about the mechanics of writing a story. I am hoping that studying the nuts and bolts of a story will spark my creativity. I will offer a progress report sometime in the near future.