It has been a while since I posted. I apologise for that. I’ve done a great deal of writing since my last post and made a good deal of progress on that particular project, but I have since decided to set it aside for the time being. I feel like I learned a lot from the time I spent on it, and I may indeed come back to it at some point but, for now at least, I need some distance from it. It’s a very light-hearted story and right now I feel like I need to write something darker.

I did waste some time on a failed story concept in the interim before I settled on my new idea. I’m also trying a new creative paradigm for the first time. Part of my effort to be better prepared to combat issues that have derailed other projects.

I honestly do feel as if I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of progress as a writer over this past year, but, at least for now, I have no finished projects to show for it. It’s frustrating but I’m not going to quit. I’m just going to keep throwing myself at it until I manage to see something through to completion. It’s bound to happen one of these days.